Dr. Cosmina Brummer

Obstetrică - ginecologie Râmnicu Vâlcea,

Dr. Cosmina Brummer

Obstetrică - ginecologie

Râmnicu Vâlcea, APOGEU

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  • Spitalul Bucharest Medical Center - Bucuresti


  • Spitalul Bucharest Medical Center - Bucuresti


  • Spitalul Bucharest Medical Center - Bucuresti


  • Spitalul Bucharest Medical Center - Bucuresti


  • Spitalul Bucharest Medical Center - Bucuresti


  • Spitalul Bucharest Medical Center - Bucuresti


  • Spitalul Bucharest Medical Center - Bucuresti

Țara: Romania

Județ: București, Sibiu, Mureș, Cluj, Vâlcea

Localitate: Bucuresti, Sibiu, Târgu Mureș, Cluj Napoca, Râmnicu Vâlcea

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    Secție: Obstetrica-Ginecologie

Titulatura: Dr.

Specializare: Obstetrică - ginecologie

Anul absolvirii: 1998

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Servicii medicale oferite pacienților

  • -consultatii obstetrica-ginecologie;
    -planificare familiala;
    -ecografie pelvina,endovaginala 2D ,3D/4D , Doppler color;

Articole medicale

  • Cervical precancer
    PAP Bethesda System CIN Histological classification ------------------------------------------------------ Class I Normal Normal Normal ------------------------------------------------------ Class II ASC-US Atypia Atypia ASC-H ------------------------------------------------------ Class III LSIL CIN 1 including Koilocytosis flat condyloma ---------------.. Citește în continuare
  • Tipuri de cauterizare
    Cauterizarea este o metoda chirurgicala prin care se urmareste distrugerea prin mijloace fizice sau chimice a anumitor tesuturi. Exista mai multe tipuri de cauterizare: -prin caldura:termocauterizare; -folosind curent electric:electrocauterizarea; -prin frig:criocauterizarea; -folosind agenti chimici; -laser. In cazul ranilor pe col trebuie investigate prin: -un control ginecologic, -test Babes-Papanicolaou, -eventual videocolposcopie (daca rezultatul la PAP test nu este unul bun)... Citește în continuare
  • Your checklist
    BABY ESSENTIALS: -4-6 vests; -4-6 body vests; -3-6 x sleepsuits; -2 x rompers; -4-6 x 2 piece sets socks; -1 x pair of slippers; -1x pair of sneakers/shoes; FEEDING: -breast pump; -breast pads; -bottle warmer; -4x feeding bottles; -4x teats; -bottle and teat brush; -sterilising equipment; -6x bibs; -feeding chair; - OUT AND ABOUT: -nappy bag; -baby carrier; -car seat; -pram; BATH AND BABY CARE: -towels; -facecloths; -plastic bag; -bath seat; -bath toy; -nail car.. Citește în continuare
  • Vitamine si minerale in timpul sarcinii si a alaptarii
    O importanta deosebita in nutritia gravidei este aportul combinat de proteine,glucide,lipide,vitamine si minerale.Dietele alimentare trebuie evitate , gravidele urmand sa respecte un regim alimentar echilibrat care sa asigure bebelusului toate principiile nutritive necesare cresterii si dezvoltarii armonioase. Acidul folic -se recomanda administrarea inca inainte de conceptie si in prima parte a sarcinii (exceptii : unele indicatii medicale,cand se extinde administrarea pe tot parcursul sarc.. Citește în continuare
  • Uterine Fibroids - Medical Treatment
    -Can reduce myoma size and uterine volume as well as bleeding; -Goal is to temporarily reduce symptoms and myoma size; -May be sufficient for women nearing menopause; -Side effects and expense limit long-term use; None shown to improve fertility; -Myomas regain pretreatment size within 3-4 months afther drug is stopped; -Oral Contraceptive Pill may prevent but will not treat established myomas.
  • Trisomy 18 :
    -hypertonia ; -prominent occiput ; -small mouth ; -micrognathia ; -short sternum ; -horseshoe kidney ; -ectopic pancreatic tissue ; -small pelvis ; -increased arch patterns on fingertips flexed fingers ; -overriding index fingers or third fingers ; -ventricular septal defects ; -patent ductus arteiosus ; -intestinal malrotation .
  • Trisomy 13 :
    -holoprosencephaly ; -absence of the olfactory nerve or bulb ; -severe eye defects (microphtalmia , coboloma , cyclopism) ; -deafness ; -cleft lip/palate ; -omphalocele , umbilical hernia ; -genitourinary abnormalities ; -polydactyly ; -superficial hemangiomas ; -club feet ; -cardiac defects .
  • Trimestrul III de sarcina:
    Analize OBLIGATORII , care se repeta: -RBW (VDRL,TPHA):saptamanile 29-32; -dozare anticorpi antiRh ; -Ht,Hb,trombocite (hemoleucograma completa); -glicemie; -sumar de urina (albumina,glucoza,corpi cetonici,sediment); -urocultura; -examen bacteriologic secretie vaginala; -examen culturi col uterin; -ecografie. Tratamente/manevre PROFILACTICE in trimestrul III : Profilaxie anemie: continuare terapie profilactica / curativa in functie de valorile Hb/Ht si a examenului clinic general. .. Citește în continuare
    Toxoplasmosis , other viruses , rubella , cytomegalovirus and herpes simplex virus . Toxoplasmosis is seen in 1/3 of females exposed by undercooked meat or cat feces . So , avoid contaminated meat , unwashed fruit/vegetables , unpasteurized cheese , cat feces . Risks : US demonstrates dilated ventricles , pericardial effusions , echogenic bowel , calcifications in brain . Rate of transmission : -first trimester is 25% ; -second trimester is 54% ; -third trimester is 75 % . Rubella :.. Citește în continuare
  • The role of human papillomavirus infection in prostate cancer
    Human papillomavirus HPV is the cause of the most common sexually transmitted diseases STDs of viral etiology worldwide. High-risk HPVs are the etiological agents of cervical and other anogenital malignancies and low-risk HPVs induce only benign genital warts. Since high-risk HPVs have been shown to possess oncogenic potential, an association between HPV infection and prostatic carcinoma Pca has been suggested. Some authors demonstrated that HPV infection play an important role in the pathogenes.. Citește în continuare
  • The Postembryonic Period (10 to 11 weeks) :
    The crown-rump length is 32 to 54 mm . The fetus aquires human shape and the fetal body comes longer .The head is still disproportionally large . The forehead prominent and the occiput is flat . The cerebel hemispheres can be seen at 9 weeks . Ossification starts from the occipital bone at 10 weeks . The cortex is about 1 mm thick . The lateral ventricles occupy completely the anterior part of the head and cover the diencephalon . The mesencephalon gradually moves towards the middle of the b.. Citește în continuare
  • The Normal First Trimester Fetus
    Several ultrasound studies using mainly the transvaginal approach at 4 to 12 weeks of gestation describe the developent of the normal fetus as fallows : The 4th Week: The gestational sac is visible from about 4 weeks and 3 days as a hypoechoic , ring-like2 to 3 mm structure surrounded by a hyperechoic rim . The sac represents the chorionic cavity and is typically located in the upper part of the decidualized endometrium in an eccentric position . The 5th Week: The yolk sac becomes visibl.. Citește în continuare
  • The non-contraceptive benefits of COC pills
    1. Estrogen-progesterone challenge test in amenorrhea; 2. DUB ; 3. Endometriosis; 4. Dysmenorrhea; 5. Postponement of periods; 6. Premenstrual syndrome and cyclical mastalgia; 7. Idiopatic hirsutism; 8. Hormone replacement therapy; 9. Lower incidence of benign breast neoplasia; 10. Lower incidence of functional ovarian cysts , ovarian and uterine malignancy; 11. Lower incidence of ectopic pregnancy due to suppression of ovulation and reduction in incidence of pelvic i.. Citește în continuare
  • The Contraindications to Pills :
    Absolute: 1.Thomboembolic disease; 2.Acute and chronic disease of liver; 3.Cancer of breast or genitals; 4.Pregnancy known or suspected; 5.Focal migraine. Relative: 1.Hypertension; 2.Valvular heart disease; 3.Epilepsy; 4.Smokers over 35 years; 5.Nursing mothers; 6.Sickle-cell anemia , thalassemia; 7.Asthma; 8.Allergic disorders; 9.Herpes gestationalies; 10.Porphyria; 11.Pruritus of pregnancy; 12.Varicose veins; 13.Obesity; 14.Elective surgery; 15.Diabetes; 16.Crohn’s di.. Citește în continuare
  • Tehnici de respiratie pentru gravide
    Acestea pot fi folosite in timpul travaliului pentru a te relaxa , sa-ti conserve energia , sa-ti controlezi corpul si durerea , sa te calmezi si sa iti alungi frica. 1.Respiratia profunda Cand respiri , trebuie sa simti cum partea inferioara a plamanilor se umple cu aer si cutia toracica se umfla . Indreapta umerii . Daca cineva isi pune mana pe regiunea ta lombara , trebuie sa i-o poti misca printr-o simpla miscare . Metoda are efect de calmare si este ideala pentru inceputul si sfarsitul .. Citește în continuare
  • Sindromul de hiperstimulare ovariana
    Acesta reprezinta cea mai importanta complicatie a tratamentelor de stimulare ovariana utilizate in cadrul tehnicilor de stimulare ovariana.El se caracterizeaza prin cresterea in dimensiuni a ovarelor datorita cresterii permeabilitatii vasculare. Gradul I (hiperstimulare usoara): -discomfort abdominal; -cresterea in dimensiune a ovarelor observata ecografic , diametrul pana la 5x5cm ; multiplii foliculi si chisturi de corp galben; -estradiolul seric peste 3.000pg/ml ; progesteronul peste 30p.. Citește în continuare
  • Semne de alarma in sarcina
    1.Semne de alarma la aparitia carora gravida trebuie sa mearga la spital sau medicul de familie va trimite femeia gravida de urgenta la spital : -sangerare vaginala sau pierderi de lichid amniotic ; -CUD (contractii uterine dureroase )+/- hipertonie uterine ; -dureri abdominale severe ; dureri lombo-sacrate severe ; -astenie fizica marcata +/- lipotimie ; -diaree , varsaturi dese / persistente ; -vertij , ameteli ; -cefalee : pusee frecvente / severe si / sau continue ; -edeme care pro.. Citește în continuare
  • Reccurent Pregnancy Loss (RPL)
    To rule out antiphospholipid syndrome: 1.Anticardiolipin antibodies a. Ig G (0-15 GPL) - better predictor of fetal outcome; b. Ig M (0-15 MPL) ; c. Ig A ; Positive in medium or higher titer or >= 2 occasions six weeks apart; 2.Lupus anticoagulant ; Sample must be taken uncuffed and to be centrifuged within 1 hour a. dRVVT ( dilute Russel Viper venom test); b. Activated partial thrombin time ; c. Kaolin coagulation time. A panel of assays should be done ; If single test is to be done , .. Citește în continuare
  • Reasons to store cord blood:
    -Is a unique opportunity to impove future health of your family; -Process is simple and noninvasive, takes about 3 minutes and do not represent any risk to mother or fetus; -Rich blood is bet on stem cells extracted from one gram of umbilical cord blood contains 10 times more than peripheral blood hematopoietic cells; -Cord stem cells can convert and transform bet on other cells (ex.: erythrocytes, leukocytes, platelets, neuronal cells); Such stem cells, were transplanted successfully bet on.. Citește în continuare
  • Prolactin Related Infertility
    Hyperprolactinemia Prolactin - The Hormone Prolactin is a protein (197-199 amino acids) product of the anterior pituitary . Chemically similar to growth hormone and human placental lactogen . A single gene located on chromosome 5 encodes it for prolactin synthesis and function . Three types of prolactin have been identified based on differences in size and structural modifications that are the result of glycosylation , phosphorylation , additions and deletions-little , big and big big pro.. Citește în continuare
  • Pozitii confortabile pentru gravide
    Pe parcurs ce sarcina avanseaza , abdomenul se mareste iar statul pe scaun sau pozitiile care erau pana nu demult confortabile vor deveni incomode . Nu este recomandat sa stai intinsa pe spate , chiar si pentru scurt timp , intrucat greutatea uterului gravid apasa vasele sanguine importante aflate in pelvis . Apare disconfortul si ameteala datorate scaderii presiunii arteriale si pot sa agraveze manifestarile hemoroizilor . Recomandari: Cand stai in pozitie intinsa : Stai pe o parte (pre.. Citește în continuare
  • Ovary in Anovulatory Cycles
    In an anovulatory cycle , ultrasound imaging of the ovaries will reveal either a lack of any follicular development , particularly in the hypogonadotropic hypogonadal patient with type I or a few non ovulatory (less than 11mm) follicles . A dominant follicle larger than 16mm in diameter will not develop . A cyst may also be associated with anovulation. Anovulation with PCOD will often have enlarged ovaries greater than 8 cm3 in volume with multiple small subcapsular follicles less than 10mm in d.. Citește în continuare
  • Ovarian Malignancy : Routine Investigations & Specific Investigations :
    Routine Investigations : 1.Hemogram , Blood group; 2.Liver function tests; 3.Kidney function tests; 4.Fasting and postprandial blood sugars; 5.Urine - routine/microscopy; 6.X-Ray chest (PA view); 7.ECG. Specific Investigations: 1.Tumor markers CA-125 >35 UI/l in epithelial tumors; CEA AFP - Increased in embryonal carcinoma and endodermal sinus tumor; HCG - Increased in choriocarcinoma; PLAP,LDH - Increased in dysgerminoma Inhibin B - Increased in granulos.. Citește în continuare
  • Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome
    It is the most important complication of ovarian stimulation treatments used in the ovariana.El stimulation techniques are characterized by the ovaries increase in size due to increased vascular permeability. Grade I (mild hyperstimulation) , Abdominal discomfort; -Increase in size of ovaries observed ultrasound, diameter up to 5x5cm; multiple follicles and cysts of body yellow; -Oestradiol over 3.000pg/ml; over 30pg/ml progesterone in early luteal phase; -Urinary estrogen is over 150mg/24 .. Citește în continuare
  • Motive de a stoca sânge din cordonul ombilical:
    -este o ocazie unică de a È‹ncerca È‹mbunătățirea sănătății viitoare a familiei tale; -procedeul este simplu și neinvaziv , durează aproximativ 3 minute și nu reprezintă vreun risc pentru mamă sau făt; -sângele este bogat È‹n celule stem , un gram de sânge recoltat din cordonul ombilical conține de 10 ori mai multe celule hematopoetice decât sângele periferic; -celulele stem din cordonul ombilical se pot converti și transforma È‹n alt tip de celule (ex: hematii,leucocite,trombocite,celule neu.. Citește în continuare
  • Menopause - General Measures
    -Maintain healthy weight ; -Nutrition variety of food in moderate protions ; -Exercise , stay fit , keep muscle tone ( Kegel exercise , posture exercise ) ; -Regular sexual activity is important to patients ; -Moisturizers and lubricants as needed for vaginal and sexual comfort . Avoid soap . Avoid fabric softener and anti-cling products on underwear . -Calcium 500-600 mg b.i.d.,and vitamin D 400 IU/d , 600 IU/d if >70 years old . -Layered clothing allows accommodation to changes in ambie.. Citește în continuare
  • Male Infertility-Genetic Screening
    Genetic abnormalities may cause infertility by affecting sperm production and/or transport.The three most common genetic factors known to be related to male infertility are cystic fibrosis gene mutations associated with CBAVD , chromosomial abnormalities resulting in impaired testicular function , and Y-chromosome microdeletions associated with impaired spermatogenesis.Azoospermia and severe oligospermia (sperm concentration < 5 million/mL) are more often associated with genetic abnormalities.M.. Citește în continuare
  • Investigatiile in trimestrul II de sarcina
    Repetarea investigatiilor anterioare (din trimestrul I de sarcina) ale caror rezultate sunt in afara valorilor normale sau exista simptomatologie relevanta. Teste de laborator care SE REPETA la nevoie: -hemoglobina/hematocrit; -glicemie (+/- HGP); -sumar de urina/urocultura (in tulburari de mictiune); -titru de anticorpi in incompatibilitate de Rh si grup sanguin; -examen bacteriologic al secretiei vaginale. Examen ecografic OBLIGATORIU pentru : -MORFOLOGIE fetala (saptamanile 22-24).. Citește în continuare
  • Intrauterine insemination
    I.Evaluation of female partner : Physical parameters : Anthropometric : -weight (kg); -height (m); -body mass index (BMI); -normal range : (BMI 19-25); -waist girth (cm); -hip girth (cm); -W:H ratio ; -normal value for W:H ratio <0.85; -normal value for waist girth <90cm . Clinical parameters : Transvaginal sonography : -Evaluation of uterus , uterine cavity and endometrial response; -Measurement of ovarian volume , antral follicle count (AFC) to differentiate PCOS from non-PCO.. Citește în continuare
  • Infertilitatea masculina
    Conform World Health Organisation o spermograma normala arata astfel: -volum: 2 ml; -concentratia spermatozoizilor 20 milioane/ml; -motilitate min 50% cu progresie rapida; -morfologie >30% forme normale; -leucocite <1 milion/ml; -testul de imunitate <20% sperme aderente la particule; Investigatii in cazul infertilitatii masculine: -spermograma; -spermocultura; -analize hormonale:FSH,Lh,prolactina,testosteron; -consult urologic; -testare : Chlamydia,Mycoplasma+Ureaplasma; -testarea.. Citește în continuare
  • Indemnizatie crestere copil.Acte necesare
    -cerere tip; -copie BI/CI solicitant; -copie certificat nastere copil/ceilalti copii; -copie certificat handicap copii; -adeverinta-tip eliberata de angajator dic care sa rezulte: -ca persoana a realizat venituri profesionale supuse impozitului pe venit conform Codului Fiscal in ultimele 12 luni anterioare datei nasterii copilului; -din care sa reiasa perioada concediului de maternitate (prenatal si postnatal); -copie a cererii catre angajator prin care se solicita intrarea .. Citește în continuare
  • Incompatibilitatea Rh
    Antigenul D sau factorul Rh determină clasificarea eritrocitelor È‹n două tipuri : -eritrocitele care prezintă factor Rh sunt eritrocite Rh pozitive și -eritrocite care nu prezintă factor Rh sunt Rh negative . în timpul sarcinii , este obligatorie determinarea grupului sangvin și a Rh-ului gravidei și ala tatălui copilului . Această determinare trebuie făcută la È‹nceputul sarcinii , inclusiv pentru sarcinile nedorite . Riscul de izoimunizare depinde de 3 factori : 1. Volumul de sânge.. Citește în continuare
  • Improving sperm quality:
    Sperm preparation technique is a very crucial step in the success of IUI.It separates highly motile functional sperm with normal morphology in high percentage and removes seminal plasma that contains prostaglandins and cytokines and antigenic or infectious matter along with defective and nonvital sperm and debris. The technique required for IUI : centrifugation of human semen to separate spermatozoa from seminal plasma.Some of the are superior to all other techniques:the density gradient centr.. Citește în continuare
  • Immunization in pregnancy
    Must weigh several factors : risk of exposure , maternal risk , fetal risk , risk from vaccine / toxoid . Rule of thumb : No live vaccines unless : 1. Susceptibility / exposure probable and 2. Disease threat to woman / fetus - vaccine risk Only routinely administrated immunization during pregnancy : 1. Tetanus - diphtheria toxoids 2. At-risk group for Hep B virus MMR : 3 months before pregnancy or immediate postpartum Polio / yellow fever vaccine - when traveling to endemic area .. Citește în continuare
  • Hypertension in Pregnancy
    Description: Hypertension existing prior to the onset of pregnancy,hypertension diagnosed prior to 20 weeks estimated gestational age, or persistent postpartum hypertension (>12 weeks postpartum).Hypertension diagnosed during pregnancy may be : -mild: >140/90mm Hg; -severe: > 160/110mm Hg. Risk factors: -Obesity; -Smoking; -Family history of HTP; -Sedentary lifestyle; -Etnicity (African Americans , Hispanics ); -Stress; -Drugs (cocaine , methamphetamine). Associated conditions: .. Citește în continuare
  • Human papillomavirus
    Human papillomaviruses (HPVs) are a group of host-specific DNA viruses, with a remarkable epithelial cell specificity: they have been reported principally in the ano-genital tract, urethra, skin, larynx, tracheo-bronchial and oral mucosa. More than 100 different HPV types have been identified and classified as high (e.g. 16, 18, 31) or low (e.g. 11, 42, 36) -risk (HR and LR), based on their association with cervical carcinoma. The carcinogenic role of HR-HPV revolves mainly around two of its onc.. Citește în continuare
  • HLA polymorphisms and cervical human Papillomavirus
    Only a minority of women with human papillomavirus (HPV) infection eventually develop cervical cancer, which suggests that host immune mechanisms play a role in the disease. HLA polymorphisms have been linked to the risk of cervical cancer, but very little is known about the role that they play in the acquisition and persistence of HPV infection.A study of cervical HPV infections was used to examine the role that 5 HLA alleles (B*07, DQB1*03, DQB1*0602, DRB1*13, and DRB1*1501) play in determinin.. Citește în continuare
  • Gimnastica pentru gravide
    Asigura-te ca nu sunt contraindicate in cazul tau . Este obligatoriu sa ai acordul medicului daca : -ai o sarcina cu risc ; -ai hipertensiune indusa de sarcina ; -ai risc de nastere prematura ; -daca ai antecedente de nastere prematura . Exercitii pentru muschii fesieri , mobilitatea bazinului , relaxarea spatelui , tonifierea muschilor pectorali Exercitiu: Te asezi pe sol in pozitia “de-a busilea” , adica cu sprijin pe genunchi si maini . Umerii , soldurile , genunchii trebuie.. Citește în continuare
  • Fisa investigatii gravida
    Analize uzuale : - HLG ; -Creatinina ; -Ag HBs ; -Grup ABO ; -Acid uric ; -Ag HCV ; -Grup Rh - gravidă ; -VSH ; -Examen citologic Babeș- Papanicolaou ; -Grup Rh - soț ; -Fibrinogen ; -Examen secreție vaginală ; -Glicemie ; -VDRL ; -Sumar de urină ; -Calcemie ; -HIV ; -Urocultură ; Analize complementare : Complex TORCH : Serologie: Culturi col: Anticorpi anti: T-toxoplasma .. Citește în continuare
  • Fetal Heart Rate
    Fetal heart rate is a relative marker for fetal aneuploidy . It is also related to some chromosomal abnormalities. At 5 weeks the embyo’s heart rate is around 110 bpm and increases up to 170 bpm at 9 weeks . It decreases to 150 bpm at 14 weeks. Turner’s syndrome and trisomy 13 are associated with fetal tachycardia , trisomy 18 and triploidy with bradycardia and in trisomy 21 there is a mild increase in the fetal heart rate.
  • Fetal Abnormalities - Indirect Signs
    - Placental sonografic findings : placental degeneration , increased thickness , cystic images and the tendency toward increased volume and echogenicity as pregnancy progresses. - Single umbilical artery is a sonographic sign associated with a wide range of syndromes , perinatal complications , intrauterine growth restriction and fetal malformations , chromosomal defects (especially trisomy 18). - Umbilical cord pseudocyst has been associated with fetal chromosome abnormalities , in particular.. Citește în continuare
  • Factorii de risc pentru cancerul genital :
    1.Factorii de risc pentru cancerul mamar sunt : -varsta intre 45-50 ani ; -pubertatea precoce si menopauza tardiva ; -sterilitate si infertilitatea ; -aparitia tardiva (dupa 27 ani) a primei sarcini dusa la termen , lipsa alaptarii sau alaptare de scurta durata ; -debut tardiv al vietii sexuale ; -hiperestrogeniile nebalansate ; -terapia de substitutie hormonala ; -antecedentele familiale (mostenirea terenului endocrin ) ; -factorul genetic (4-5% din cancere sunt ereditare) ; -cancer m.. Citește în continuare
  • Examination Schedules when you are 20-39 years old
    Complete physical: every 5 years; Screening examinations: -blood pressure annualy; -breast every:1-3 years; -pelvis every :1-3 years; Screening tests: -Pap smear every 1-3 years; -serum cholesterol:every 5 years; -rubella titer at age 20; -mammography at age 35; Immunizations: -Diphtheria and tetanus every 10 years; -Rubella once if necessary;
  • Examination Schedules when you are 13-15 years old
    Complete physical: initial visit need not include pelvic; Screening examination: -blood pressure, weight,body image; Screening tests:informational and introductory; Immunizations: HPV vaccine if not already done 8-12; My South Africa
  • Embryo : days to remember
    Morula:2-3 days after fertilization; Blastocyst:4-5 days after fertilization; Fertilized ovum reaches uterus in:5-6 days; Implantation:6-7 days; Trophoblastic venous sinuses form : 9-11 days; Cardiovascular system begin to form : 21 days; Earliest morphological indicator of sex appears: 8-9 weeks; Oogenesis begins : 11-12 weeks. My South Africa
  • Ectopic Pregnancy : Diagnosis
    H&P , serial hCG levels , decreased progesterone levels , decreasing estradiol levels , increasing MSAFP , C-reactive protein and CA-125 levels , vaginal US , cureyyage , culdocentesis (+if ruptured but <20% will not be +) , laparoscopy (misses 2-4% due to being small plus risk and expense is increased). If hCG fails to increase by at least 66% or > in 2 days --> a non-viable pregnancy should be assumed. hCG<50% increase in 48 h --> abnormal pregnancy. Abnormal pregnancy then hCG rises or fal.. Citește în continuare
  • Ecografia in sarcina normala si in sarcina cu risc
    1.In cazul sarcinii cu factori de risc cunoscuti sau detectati pe parcurs , indicatiile clinice ale ecografiei sunt urmatoarele : -antecedentele obstetricale personale sau familiale; -determinarea varstei gestationale in cazul incertitudinii datei ultimei menstruatii,a menstruatiei neregulate sau a discordantei intre datele examenului clinic si anamneza sarcinii; -suspiciunea de sarcina gemelara/multipla ; factori de risc pentru existenta malformatiilor fetale; -factori de risc si/sau suspic.. Citește în continuare
  • Down syndrome :
    1.Head and neck : -brachycephaly ; -epicanthic folds ; -flat nasal bridge ; -folded or dysplastic ears ; -small ears ; -open mouth ; -protruding tongue ; -narrow palate ; -abnormal teeth ; -short neck ; -excessive skin at nape of the neck ; 2.Extremities: -short broad hands; -hypoplastic middle phalanx of fifth finger ; -incurved fifth finger ; -sandal gap deformity ; -hyperflexibility of joints ; 3.Heart defects: -atrioventricular septal defect (endocardial cushion defect.. Citește în continuare
  • Date ecografice in primul trimestru de sarcina
    SA 5 ; Stadii Carnegie 6,7 ; Ecografie : implantare SA 6 ; Stadii Carnagie 8,9,10 ; Eco: inceputul circulatiei fetale ; SA 7 ; Stadii Carnagie 11,12,13,14 : Eco: separarea de sacul Yolk; SA 8 ; Stadii Carnagie 15,16,17,18 ; Eco: dominanta dezv. creierului ; SA 9 ; Stadii Carnagie 19, 20 ; Eco: completarea cardiogenezei si dezv.limbice; SA 10 ; Stadii Carnagie 21,22,23 ; Eco: completarea organogenezei Eco Vizualizare timpurie (SA) Vizualizare (SA) Cavitate corionica Ziua 30 (4S) Z 32 Sa.. Citește în continuare
  • Corpus Luteum of Pregnancy (CLP)
    In the first trimester , the most common ovarian cyst associated with pregnancy is the CLP. The CLP secrets both estrogen and progesterone to support the pregnancy until the placenta can take over this hormonal function near the end of the first trimester . The CLP forms after ovulation and increases in size if a pregnancy occurs. Ultrasound/Doppler - CLPs exhibit a gamut of sonographic patterns ranging from a simple cyst pattern to more complex patterns including diffuse internal low-amplitud.. Citește în continuare
  • Confirming Ovulation
    Sonography does appear to be very reliable in confirming ovulation once ovulation has occurred . Disappearance of the follicle is noted in 91 % of cases after ovulation and a decrease in follicle size occurs in another 9% . Other signs suggesting that ovulation has occurred are the appearance of cu;-de-sac fluid , particularly when it was not present in a previous scan , or the development of intrafollicular echoes suggesting the formation of a hemorrhagic corpus luteum .
  • Condylomata ( Genital Warts ; HPV ) :
    -Caused by HPV infection of sexually transmitted double-stranded DNA viruses , typically by low-risk types 6 , 11 ; -Incubation period after exposure ranges from 3 weeks to 8 months ; -Most infections are transiet and cleared within 2 years ; -Viral strains that cause condyloma do not cause cancer ; -May enlarge during pregnancy . -Usually detected at the time of a Pap smear ; Tests: -Pelvic exam ; -Cervical cytology ; -Colposcopy and biopsy to assess for premalignant lesions (dysplas.. Citește în continuare
  • Common Features of Infections Producing Infertility
    Infertility is presumably underestimated because diagnostic involves a specialist. A review of the literature reveals that 60 to 80 million couples experience infertility worldwide and by 2 million couples (15%) in the United States wherein infection is the major cause. Annual reports suggests an occurrence of 3 million lower genital tract infections yearly in the United Stated. 30% of these infections cause pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and that at least 20% result in infertility. Port.. Citește în continuare
  • Common Causes of Infertility :
    Female: 1.Ovulatory dysfunction factors : -Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) ; -Age greater than 35 (increases the chance of decreased ovulation) ; -Hyperprolactinemia ; -Excessive exercise or dieting; -Drug or alcohol abuse; -Obesity ; 2.Tubal or pelvic pathology factors: -Pelvic adhesions; -Hydrosalpinx; -Blocked fallopian tubes; -Endometriosis ; 3.Other causes: -Cervical factors : abdormal cervical mucus , prior cervical surgery ; -Intrauterine fibroids or congenital abnor.. Citește în continuare
  • Choroid Plexus Cysts
    Choroid Plexus Cysts are a well-known ultrasound aneuploidy marker and are easily detectable at second-trimester ultrasound examination , showing an incidence in euploid fetus close to 1 percent and a positive predictive value of 1 to 6 percent . The association with other fetal anomalities , their bilateralism , a diameter bigger than 10 mm and their persistence after 22 to 24 weeks have been classical indication for cytogenetic fetal study. A prospective study of advanced age women found that .. Citește în continuare
  • Risks/Benefits:
    Risks/Benefits: 1.Risks: -infection; -injury to maternal tissues and internal organs; -injury to fetus at delivery; -need for application of vacuum or forceps to expedite delivery in cesarean section; -10% of patients undergoing emergent CD require transfusion due to severe maternal hemorrhage; -risks of transfusion reactions and acquired infections from blood products; -risk of hysterectomy for intractable uterine hemorrhage; -risk from administration of aneathesia; 2.Benefits: -de.. Citește în continuare
  • Cesarean Delivery , Emergency : Risks/Benefits
    Risks/Benefits: 1.Risks: -infection; -injury to maternal tissues and internal organs; -injury to fetus at delivery; -need for application of vacuum or forceps to expedite delivery in cesarean section; -10% of patients undergoing emergent CD require transfusion due to severe maternal hemorrhage; -risks of transfusion reactions and acquired infections from blood products; -risk of hysterectomy for intractable uterine hemorrhage; -risk from administration of aneathesia; 2.Benefits: -de.. Citește în continuare
  • Cervical Cancer : Screening
    1.-Annual Paps to begin after first sexual activity and/or after age 18. 2.-Test every 1-2 years until age 30.(Some recommend that after three normal Paps,screening can be every 2-3 years after age of 30 as the squamous metaplasia are - the substrate for neoplasia- is diminished in most women in their 30s).If an older woman\'s sexual practices change,consider restarting more frequent screening. 3.-Consider discontinuing Pap tests after age 65-70 in well screened women with no history of signif.. Citește în continuare
  • Cervical Cancer : Prevention
    HPV vaccine is available.The quadrivalent vaccine targets HPV types 6 and 11 , which cause 90% of genital warts.Primary target for the vaccine will be children prior to sexual activity.Women who are already sexually active can also receive the vaccine.The quadrivalent vaccine provides 100% protection against persistent HPV 6,11,16,18 and HPV 16/18-related CIN.Girls and women between ages 9 and 26 should be recommended for vaccination - ideally before the onset of sexual activity ,but women who a.. Citește în continuare
  • Calcularea ovulatiei in functie de durata ciclului menstrual
    Durata ciclului menstrual:21zile ; ziua cand incepem determinarea ovulatiei:5; Durata ciclului menstrual:22zile ; ziua cand incepem determinarea ovulatiei:6; Durata ciclului menstrual:23zile ; ziua cand incepem determinarea ovulatiei:7; Durata ciclului menstrual:24zile ; ziua cand incepem determinarea ovulatiei:8; Durata ciclului menstrual:25zile ; ziua cand incepem determinarea ovulatiei:9; Durata ciclului menstrual:26zile ; ziua cand incepem determinarea ovulatiei:10; Durata ciclului men.. Citește în continuare
  • Calcularea ovulatiei in functie de durata ciclului menstrual
    Durata ciclului menstrual:21zile ; ziua cand incepem determinarea ovulatiei:5; Durata ciclului menstrual:22zile ; ziua cand incepem determinarea ovulatiei:6; Durata ciclului menstrual:23zile ; ziua cand incepem determinarea ovulatiei:7; Durata ciclului menstrual:24zile ; ziua cand incepem determinarea ovulatiei:8; Durata ciclului menstrual:25zile ; ziua cand incepem determinarea ovulatiei:9; Durata ciclului menstrual:26zile ; ziua cand incepem determinarea ovulatiei:10; Durata ciclului men.. Citește în continuare
  • Bagajul pentru maternitate :
    Actele necesare : -cartea de identitate / buletin ( original si copie ) ; -carnetul de sanatate ; -adeverinta de la serviciu ; -dosarul de analize din timpul sarcinii ; -carnetul gravidei . Bagajul graviduței : -periuța și pasta de dinți ; -săpun ; -deodorant ; -prosoape ; -piepten ; -șervețele umede , uscate ; -crema de față ; -crema de corp ; -strugurel de buze ; -agrafe , elastic de păr ; -pachetul de vată ; -tampoane ; -papuci ; -ciorapi , șosete ; -cămașa de noapte ;.. Citește în continuare
  • Antisperm Antibodies
    The antisperm antibodies in the female possibly adversely affects fertilization , embryo quality and pregnancy rates . Cervical hostility includes a variety of disorders including anatomical , hormonal and immunological conditions . In most cases it is diagnosed by the PCT (Post Coital Test). Cervical mucus can become hostile to spermatozoa and impair ascent in the uterus . Mucus is said to be hostile if the spinnbarkeit appearance is abnormal during the infertility work-up . Mucus secretion a.. Citește în continuare
  • Antiphospholipid antibody syndrome
    Clinical Criteria One or more episodes of arterial , venous or small vessel thrombosis , occurring in any tissue or organ . Complications of pregnancy : one or more unexplained deaths of a morphologically normal fetus more than 10 weeks of gestation documented by ultrasound or by direct examination Or One or more preterm births of a morphologically normal neonate at or before 34 weeks or gestation due to severe pre-eclampsia or placental insufficiency . Or Three or more consecu.. Citește în continuare
  • Anovulatory infertility due to polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
    PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) is present in up 25 per cent of normal women.The diagnosis of PCOS is made on any combination of characteristic clinical,biochemical and ultrasound features.It is a morphological description of enlarged ovaries with an increased number of follicles and dense stroma. PCOS is one of the commonest causes of infertility.Both parters must be investigated prior to treat the PCOS. This includes: -semen analysis; -tubal patency test (hysterosalpingogrom is usuall.. Citește în continuare
  • Analize in primul trimestru de sarcina (sau la luarea in evidenta)
    Analize/investigatii OBLIGATORII in trimestrul I de sarcina (sau la luarea in evidenta): -hemoleucograma ; -grupa sanguina si Rh ; -glicemia ; -examen sumar de urina (albumina,glucoza,corpi cetonici,sediment urinar) ; -RBW (VDRL , THPA) ; -test HIV ; -examen bacteriologic secretie vaginala ; -examen colpocitologic Babes-Papanicolau ; -examen ecografic pelvin . Analize/investigatii RECOMANDATE in trimestrul I de sarcina (sau la luarea in evidenta): -control stomatologic ; -teste : C.. Citește în continuare
  • Acidul folic, sau vitamina B9
    Acidul folic, sau vitamina B9, este o vitamină importantă din grupa B. Organismul are nevoie de acid folic, una dintre vitaminele B, pentru a produce globulele rosii ale sangelui. Organismul uman nu poate produce suficient acid folic, astfel ca, dieta trebuie sa contina alimente bogate in acid folic, cum ar fi citricele, legumele cu frunze verzi si cerealele fortificate. Organismul este capabil sa depoziteze suficient acid folic pentru 2-6 luni. Cu toate acestea, anemia apare in cateva saptam.. Citește în continuare
  • Abnormal sperm parameters
    1)Necrozoospermia:patients who occasionally may present 100% immotile sperms.Causes:infections (E.coli chronic prostatitis or immobilizing antisperm antibodies). Absolute necrozoospermia (when all sperms are dead) : in case of axonemel defects such as immotile cilia syndrome. 2)Oligoasthenoteratozoospermia: The cause is unknown. Causes of aspermia: -anejaculation due to spasm (functional); -obstruction to ejaculatory ducts; -retrograde ejaculation; -nocturnal emissions; -v.. Citește în continuare
  • A week-by-week pregnancy calendar
    Embryonic phase: Week 1 : the average crown length is 0.5mm; Week 2 : the average crown length is 2 mm ; Week 3 : the average crown length is 3 mm ; Week 4 : the average crown length is 4 mm and the average weight of foetus is 0.4 g ; Seven days after ovulation, the fertilized egg gradually implants itself in the uterus . By the 10th day , the embryo appears . Its inner cells form two, and later , three layers . The first grows into the skin , eyes , brain and nerve centre ; the second , th.. Citește în continuare
  • 6-8 weeks screening
    -Risk profile ; -Height/weight ; -OB H&P ; -Blood preasure ; -Breast exam.; -PAP smear ; -Hemoglobin/hematocrit ; -Rubella/varicella; -HBV S Ag/RPR ; -HIV; -ABO/Rh/Ab; -Urine culture; -Domestic abuse screening . Dr.Cosmina Brümmer Johannesburg,South Africa

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  • Timpul de așteptare la intrarea în cabinet: 45 de minute
Mi-a lasat o impresie foarte proasta! Am avut herpes genital, m-am dus la dansa la cabinet, ca sa-mi prescrie uricol, urinex si alte medicamente pentru infectii ale tractului urinar. Bineinteles ca starea mi s-a agravat foarte rau, incat nu mai puteam dormi dureri, usturimi si intepaturi, nici nu puteam sta in pat, intinsa sau in orice pozitie. M-am dus peste 3 zile inapoi ca sa-mi prescrie gentamicina injectabil + alte 2 antibiotice. Cand eu aveam nevoie de aciclovir, pastile ce pot fii cumparate si fara prescriptia medicului. Josnic! A inceput cu teorii, ca ar putea fi chiar o problema care vine de la rinichi! Tin sa va spun ca doamna doctor la care am fost, la o clinica privata, si-a dat seama din prima ce este, dup care in urma analizelor s-a confirmat. Iar vis-a-vis de dna Brummer, mai spun ca in momentul cand a umblat, si am inceput sa plang efectiv de durere, pentru ca ma chinuia teribil, foarte ofuscata s-a intors, &quot; eu nu fac treaba cu oameni care nu vor&quot;. Inainte de toate trebuie sa fim oameni.Nu o recomand absolut nimanui!
Dr. Cosmina Brummer
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La cabinet se respecta programările. Dacă o pacienta nu are programare este rugata sa aștepte sa fie onorate programările și va fi văzută și ea,chiar fără programare. Sunt văzute și urgentele. Nu este refuzat nimeni. Nu așteaptă nimeni 45 minute decât dacă vine cu mult înainte de ora programata sau nu are programare.
Tratamentele se dau în funcție de analize.
Nu s-a prescris la NIMENI, NICIODATĂ o schema cu 3 antibiotice.
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