Dr. Brummer Cosmina

Obstetrică - ginecologie

Râmnicu Vâlcea, APOGEU

Abnormal sperm parameters

1)Necrozoospermia:patients who occasionally may present 100% immotile sperms.Causes:infections (E.coli chronic prostatitis or immobilizing antisperm antibodies).
Absolute necrozoospermia (when all sperms are dead) : in case of axonemel defects such as immotile cilia syndrome.

The cause is unknown.

Causes of aspermia:
-anejaculation due to spasm (functional);
-obstruction to ejaculatory ducts;
-retrograde ejaculation;
-nocturnal emissions;
-vibratory/electroejaculatory sample;
-prostatic massage;
-retrograde ejaculation-retrieval of sperm from bladder;
-transrectal aspiration from dilated seminal vesicle/seminal vesicle cyst.


Obstructive azoospermia:
-Postinfection:smallpox,tuberculosis,nonspecific infections;
-Postsurgical obstruction:hydrocele,inguinal hernia repair,vasectomy;
-Congenital bilateral absence of vas/blind ending vas/spermatocele;
-Ejaculatory duct obstructions.

Nonobstructive azoospermia:
-SCOS (Sertoli cell only syndrome),germ cell aplasia;
-maturation arrest;
-fibrosis and atrophy;
-postmumps orchitis;
-torsion testis;
-chronic epididymoorchitis;
-surgical implantation of testis into thigh;

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